Strategic Objectives

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Classroom in South Sudan
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Better future relies on education

In alignment with national strategies on education, SAADO prioritizes access to education for girls and the marginalized youth. To contribute to the improvement of education system in South Sudan, SAADO has initiated several educational programs including;

  • Mobile education: this involves taking education to the cattle camps, in order to give children living far away from school an opportunity to learn access education.
  • Early childhood Development: this aims to nurturing children from early childhood.
  • Basic Primary school education.
  • Vocational training. 

Peace building

This involves deployment of peer educators to engage the youth in the camps about negative effects of cattle rustling. Through people-to-people approach SAADO is supporting the peace process in the whole of South Sudan, strengthening communities enabling them to analyse complex conflict situations, identify mutual benefits & priorities and work towards accommodation of each other. SAADO is a strong advocate for the ratification and adoption of the Kampala Convention on Rights of the internally displaced persons (IDP) especially on Chapter 4 of the agreement and also support efforts for the full implementation of the ARCSS.

Cross-Cutting Issues

Integration of cross-cutting issues will involve consideration and mainstreaming of the following in all aspects of SAADO’s programming:

  • Disability mainstreaming
  • Environment


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