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The unknown heroes in today’s emergency


In most conflicts, there are men and women who work hard for the good of others, but their efforts almost usually go unnoticed; the forgotten heroes. Such is the case with 37 year old Philip; being an internally displaced person has has not weighed down on his ceaseless desire to earn a living and provide for his family through hard work and passion towards what he does.

Coupled with a worsening economy, severe insecurity in many parts of the county has limited the scope of livelihood and survival for most civilians since the eruption of unrest that has ravaged the country since 2013 and worsening in July last year.

Phillip is a father of three and works as a miller at one of the milling machines which are run by SAADO to provide milling services to residents of the PoCs in Juba. The program has not only made milling easier and safer for the IDPs but has also created employment to other PoC residents like Phillip, who used not to know how he would provide for his family.

“My dream is for this war to end so that I can go back home and open my own milling business using the experience I have gathered here,” said Phillip.

Phillip’s exceptional courage and strength has not been shown to his family alone, but also to the community within which he lives in the PoC. When asked about Phillip, Marian, a regular beneficiary of the SAADO Milling Voucher program went on and on about how the community greatly values his services.

“It’s because of people like Philip that we no-longer have to walk long distances out of the PoC to get milling services,” she said.

Phillip told our team which discovered him how delighted he was by the Milling Voucher Program and how it has helped him help others along with his family.

“I can now provide food on the table for my wife and two daughters,” said beaming Phillip. Phillip is only one of those who have been empowered by the SAADO Milling Voucher program in PoC to make a difference in the lives of other crisis affected people.

The overall number of civilians seeking protection in the Juba Protection of Civilians Sites I and III alone is 38,448, the SAADO milling voucher program has benefited up to 35,361 individuals and 13,411 households.

SAADO aims at reaching the entire population of the Protection of Civilians sites with the program to help them grind their cereals on which they depend for food.

According to humanitarian fact sheets on the crisis, up to 1.9 million civilians have been displaced internally; over 200,000 of whom are seeking protection in the UN bases across the country; and 2 million are currently seeking asylum from South Sudan to the neighboring countries since eruption of the conflict in 2013.


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