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Treading Through Thick & Thin to Serve our Beneficiaries-The Rains Have Come


As the precipitation patterns continues to shift and drift with the changes in seasons across the territorial frontiers of Republic of South Sudan i.e. from South of Central Equatorial State to North of Unity States and South of Nuba Mountains, from East of Pibor Administrative area to West of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal. The rains are back again; South Sudan a country located north of the Equator with tropical and semi arid climatic conditions considered as real summer (hot all year round) and a rainy summer (bit less hot than winter but it’s more humid).


Photo Credit: SAADO

The country is covered by a plateau, which has an altitude between 400 and 700 meters (1,300 and 2,300 feet) in the center-north and between 700 and 1,000 meters (2,300 and 3,300 feet) in the south. The predominant vegetation is the savannah, more or less arid depending on area, while in the south-west, there are also forests, and in some areas crossed by rivers, there are wetlands, including the Sudd. The Sudd is largest swamp in the world, and it’s situated in the north, along the course of the White Nile River and its tributaries, which are lost in a myriad of lakes, canals, lagoons covered with aquatic plants and inhabited by a large number of species of land animals and birds.

Based on the above, the humanitarian contextual operations and work are most often time brought to standstill for the roads are flooded and muddy during the rainy seasons. However, as the days keep on passing it keeps on motivating us as SAADO to tirelessly and continues strive to achieve our paramount objectives in all odds come rain come sunshine. Eradicating poverty based on our numerous project activities across South Sudan, SAADO treads through thick and thin to reach our beneficiaries, our dedicated staff do not only use their professional skills but also put into practice their charisma and determination to get work done.

Illustrated below depicts the struggle our staff under go through will delivering services to the most vulnerable persons in Republic of South Sudan


Photo Credit: SAADO


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