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SAADO`s Executive Director Meets France Ambassador H.E. Marc TROUYET


Strengthening and positively shaping a long lasting partnership in collaboration with implementing partners and funding donors is key to excellency. With proven records of fighting against poverty enshrined and envisaged in our long term vision “Communities free from poverty and destitution with dignity” and Mission Statement “To eradicate poverty in partnership with communities for sustainable development”.


Photo Credit: SAADO

SAADO beyond the spheres of humanitarian horizons and professional work arena is guided by its core values of transparency and accountability, reliability and trust worthiness, team work, respect for diversity as well as creativity and innovativeness propelled to our strategic objectives of promoting equitable access to food and sustainable livelihoods, addressing child hunger and malnutrition, providing access to quality education for all, promoting social cohesion, peace building and reconciliation, providing access to Soft WASH services including potable water, sanitation and community sensitization as well as promoting humanitarian protection, child protection and gender outcomes through advocacy & lobbying on behalf of women, children and vulnerable populations


Photo Credit: SAADO

Based upon this among other future prospect SAADO has foreseen, strengthening relations with key donors is a necessity. Thanks to H.E. Marc TROUYET the France Ambassador in South Sudan for the gesture of audience given to SAADO for WE ARE privileged and obliged to working with you towards ensuring Women Economic Empowerment in the Republic of South Sudan


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