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SAADO Receives 4*4 Hard-Top From WFP


Smile Again Africa Development Organization has begun its week with a great triumph of partnership recognition having received a 4*4 Hard-Top from our long term partner WFP-South Sudan in the humanitarian field. SAADO since its inception has striven hard in delivering quality and transparent services to the community in alleviating poverty and hunger through saving lives and protecting livelihoods


Photo Credit: SAADO

Delivery community and beneficiaries driven project activities in all our field areas in Central Equatoria State, NBeG, Jonglei, Upper Nile, Lakes and Warrap State has not been easy but we are dedicated staff, managerial board and partners we tread through impossibilities.


Photo Credit: SAADO


Photo Credit: SAADO

Thanks so much to our partner WFP for the tremendous support in increasing our reach in the field location since mobility has been a great challenge to reach some of our targeted beneficiaries. Thanks to Radio Miraya for the exclusive interview with our Communications and Information Management Officer. “The handwork of humanitarian society may not be recognized when not communicated to the outside world”


Photo Credit: SAADO


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