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SAADO Leading CPS Assessment Team in Mayen Jur


Mayen-Jur County, this is one of the most prominent and remarkable counties in Warrap state near Kuajok in the north-eastern part of the country where Nuer and Dinka leave in harmony and enjoy peaceful coexistence for a very long time and are known to share grazing lands for pastures and water relatively.


Photo Credit: SAADO

However, on Saturday 23rd/May/2020, there has been an outbreak of inter-communal conflict that led to killing and displacement of already vulnerable community members in the county of Mayen Jur in Warrap State. Currently our team (SAADO) is a leading a team of 9 humanitarian actors to assess the impact of this conflict o the local population and the nation at large for Citizens cannot afford more wars alongside hunger, COVID-19 and Malnutrition

The statistical and inferential outcomes of this assessment shall be updated on the News Channel upon its completion, review and verification


02Photo Credit: SAADO


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