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#SAADO Community Access Road in Majok Kuom-Awiel Completed


Communities of Warkuel Boma, Malual North, Majok Kuom in Awiel of Northern Bahr el-Ghazal Republic of South Sudan are privileged to have to a greater extent benefited from Smile Again Africa Development Organization`s Building Resilience for Assets Creation and Enhancement (BRACE-II) of creating community access roads.


Photo Credit: SAADO

With support from UKAID, communities of Majok Kuom are now able to access market where they can sell harvests of the year to generate income, which income eventually helps in acquiring other basic necesities and they are also able to access other essential services centres like schools, nutrition centres, water points & neighboring villages through community-built access road.


Photo Credit: SAADO

Embracing Conditional Humanitarian Assistance programs targeted directly in benefiting the community not only brings about project continuity but also sustainability when the community participates.


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