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Milling Voucher Program saving women’s lives in PoCs


Since December 2013, the conflict in South Sudan has led to the displacement of more than 2, 3 million people. According to a UN report, some 185,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) have sought refuge in UN Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites, while around 90 per cent of IDPs are on the run or sheltering outside PoC sites.

SAADO is carrying out a milling voucher program in the POC sites aiming at providing milling services to displaced people in the sites. This innovative program is as a result of the needs of the vulnerable communities in the PoCs.
One hundred and ten thousand IDPs have received milling vouchers from the program which is implemented in partnership with the World Food Program.

Women have been the biggest beneficiaries of the program as it has reduced their movements outside the POC where theyare vulnerable to attacks. “we are now safe, we used to go out of the POC to grind our cereals but now we just do it within the PoC, which is safe,” said Kitale, a beneficiary of the program.

“We also have more time to spend with our families because we no longer have to walk long distances to access the mills” added Kitale

The milling vouchers are used by the IDPs to grind cereals distributed to them by the WFP at SAADO-managed Milling Points within the PoCs in Juba. These cereals which include mainly maize and sorghum, for many, are their only source of food.

Given the economic vulnerability of the IDPs who have no other source of income, they could not afford to pay for the milling services either inside or outside PoC, this sometime would force IDPs to sell half of the food ration to cover of the grinding cost. The SAADO milling voucher program covered all this thereby saving lives and livelihoods of IDPs.

“We grind 15 kilograms of maize or sorghum at 33 South Sudanese pounds, while millers outside the PoCs, for example in Konyokonyo charge over 60 South Sudanese pounds, so this has helped the IDPs here a lot,” said Dalli Emmanuel, SAADO’s Senior Program Officer.

SAADO is currently running twelve Milling Points in different locations within PoC 1 and PoC 3.


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