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Inter-Communal Fights Erupts Between Tali & Tindilo in Terekeka County


Inter-communal fight once again erupted between the two communities of Tali and Tindilo. Tali and Tindilo are of the two administrative areas of Terekeka County. Terekeka County is among the 6 counties of Central Equatoria State, it borders Mvolo and Munduri East Counties of Western Equatoria to the West. Awarial County, Lake State to the North, Bor South County, Jonglei State to the North East, Lafon County, Eastern Equatoria State to the East, and Juba County to the South. The County consists of 9 payams and 46 bomas.


Photo Credit: SAADO

The payams are Terekeka, Tali, Tindilo, Muni, Nyori, Reggo, Rijiong, Tombek, and Gemeiza. The area is naturally hilly and has one river (Joor) which act as fighting site in the county. The predominant livelihood system in Terekeka is sedentary agro-pastoralism, with the main focus being on both cattle keeping and farming of food crops, in addition, fishing forms an importance part of livelihood in the area as there is enough fish is the rivers existing in the area i.e. River Nile.

From reliable sources on ground, Tali was under attack on Monday 3:20am, among some other reasons the attack was carried out by people of Tindilo against Tali as a result of wrestling competition which was held sometime back, this attack reportedly led to death of vulnerable citizens (woman) leaving behind a wounded Child thus bring a lot of tension in carrying out and executing humanitarian services to the communities in the county.

However, the situation is currently under control. Meanwhile, as the name suggest recreational and leisure activities such as wrestling competition meant to encourage and promote harmony in promoting peace, liberty and prosperity among the nationals of the country should be observed but not taken as a mere play or ploy


Photo Credit: SAADO


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