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France Ambassador H.E. Marc TROUYET Visits SAADO`s Offices


We are privileged to have received H.E Marc TROUYET #FranceAmbassador, confab encompassing strengthening long-term partnership towards women economic empowerment in #SouthSudan. Smile Again Arica Development Organization amidst dire humanitarian challenges always attain its visions. This is genuflected to its outstanding drive of maintaining and strengthening long term partnership and collaboration brought about by its transparency in delivering projects


Photo Credit: SAADO

From November 2019 to January 2020, SAADO implemented a project entitled “Increasing women empowerment through provision of financial literacy training for 50 women engaged in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)s in Gudele II payam” brought about by the major humanitarian, development and economic and security crises of unprecedented proportions.


Photo Credit: SAADO

In this complex and protracted conflict context, women and girls face multi-faceted development challenges including community level conflict, high youth unemployment and lack of entrepreneurial skills to promote self-employment. These women usually lack basic skills to earn incomes and participate in family and household development activities.

Through SAADO’s intervention focusing on the provision of training and skills development for small and micro enterprises, women and girls will be empowered thereby ensuring income generation, demonstrating peace dividends and laying the foundation for development. Women have been identified as beneficiaries for this training program; which aims at contributing towards empowering unemployed women by imparting life-skills in identified training areas in small and micro enterprize development businesses such as tailoring, dressmaking, saloon industry (hairdressing and barbering), food/fruit processing and others in response to the market demand and service needs of communities.

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