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Empowering women to end GBV


Empowering women has been regarded as the best strategy to eradicate violence against them and to end their subjugation by men, SAADO working in partnership with the French embassy in South Sudan, embarked on a project to help nature and grow women’s business.

The project also seeks to help women start sustainable businesses by training them on business management skills.

Twelve women out of the twenty beneficiaries have so far established small-scale businesses including restaurants, teashops, groceries, salons and fresh juice shops.

Rose Lasu is a tea and Shsisha seller, whose business the project has supported. “I am happy for the support from the French Embassy, the money has helped my business until now it is thriving,” she said.

She further added that she is now able to provide for her family in the midst of the economic hardship that has hit South Sudan.

“I am happy for the support; the money helped me a lot. I used to sell sandwiches but due to the economic crisis, I left the sandwich business for biscuits,” said Karina Samuel, another small-scale entrepreneur, who the project helped to start up small salon business.

“I am now able to pay school fees for my children,” she added

Efforts are ongoing by SAADO to ensure that the other remaining women and girls selected for program also establish their own small-scale businesses, while they will continue to monitor, evaluate and support the progress of the already running businesses.

The beneficiaries of the project have come up with revolving fund scheme; sanduk-sanduk, with recognized leadership and formal bank account is has also been initiated for the already established businesses.

Savings from this scheme will help the businesses to overcome risks that may threaten individual businesses, and also help them expand their businesses with time.

This will in turn make their businesses sustainable.


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