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Inter-communal violence causes severe food shortage in South Sudan


Six months ago Antoine Lodu, a father of three fled his home due to inter-communal violence and sought refuge in Muni North displacement center in Terekeka County, 57 kilometers from Juba South Sudan. Back home, a devastating attack by a neighboring community left their village destroyed, several lives lost, houses torched to the ground, livestock looted and crops destroyed.

“All of us came here because we did not have any other place to go,” he said, “I had to bring my family here for safety.”

SAADO with support from WFP has distributed 127 tons of food to 7,214 displaced persons in two settlements in the region; Muni North and Gemeza center.

The assistance aims to strengthen coping mechanisms of the IDPs during the lean season from March to August, while they cultivate their gardens for longer term food-security. The ration is handed out to the beneficiaries in intervals of two weeks for six months until August.

Each individual receives sorghum and peas along with salt and vegetable oil.

“Thank you to WFP and SAADO. This food will help me to eat and produce more on my land because we still need more food,” said Ladu, adding that his family is already cultivating a small land close to their settlement.

SAADO is targeting 20 350, displaced people for the whole project. These include people in displaced camps like Gulbach, Tombe. Kanyawai, Tomber, Korhomba.

According to a report by Early Warning System Network, an estimated 5.3 million people, 48% of the South Sudan population, are currently facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or worse acute food insecurity, despite the harvest and continued large-scale assistance.


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