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CwC consortium trained on Mine Risk Awareness


SAADO successfully coordinated a three-day capacity building training on Mine Risk Education for staff from a consortium of the three organizations implementing the Communication with Community (CWC) program.

The organizations that were involved in the training include Grassroots Empowerment Development Organization (GREDO), Voice Africa Organization and also Smile Again Africa Organization (SAADO), which is part.

The Mines and Explosives Remnants of War Training was devised to impart to the team the knowledge of designing messages for the CWC project.

The project seeks to sensitize the public on mines and unexploded ordinances, their dangers and how to influence behavioral change amongst members of the public.

Fifteen individuals were trained, six of whom were female. The training was facilitated by experts from the Save Lives Operation Works Organization.

The module used mainly focused on the general mines situation in South Sudan, Mine Risk Education Planning and Preparation , levels of Mine Risk Education within the communities, procedures of reporting threats of mines and unexploded ordinances as well as procedures of developing key messages of awareness on mines and explosive Remnants of War.

“This training will capacitate SAADO and the partners in the consortium to share messaging on mines and also to gather feedback on how the communities view these messages,” said Walter Mawere, the CWC Technical Advisor.

The Communicating with Communities project is a community based program designed to develop and ensure sustainable effective two-way communication between humanitarian organizations and vulnerable communities.


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