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Animal vaccination a blessing to pastoralists in Terekeka and Bor


In an attempt to improve animal health and booze production, SAADO in partnership with FAO kicked off vaccination campaign that is designed to last until June. The campaign has seen 155,085 cattle vaccinated against various diseases like Hidradenitissuppurativa (HS-skin disease) and black quarter (BQ). 2,191 households were covered both in Terekeka and Bor; apart from vaccination SAADO also embarked on treating sick animals.

25,226 cattle and shoats were treated, dewormed and sprayed; this campaign was applauded by the local pastoralists from Terekeka and Bor. The government officials also appreciated the effort made by SAADO in partnership with FAO, adding that many pastoralists were unable to purchase vaccines, medicines and sprays for their sick cows.

The activity have also led to high rate of milk production and healthy meat consumption, SAADO Animal Health Workers also inspect meat at the butcheries to see that animals being sold are healthy for human consumption. LadoPitia a youth leader in the cattle camp in Tereeka appreciated the work done by SAADO, reiterating that their animals were falling sickand dying from sicknesses. Now that they have the vaccines, sprays and medicines their cows will be healthy and even produce more, he added.
However, SAADO have trained 100 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) in Terekeka and Bor, who moves from one cattle camp to another administering vaccinations, treatment, deworming and spraying. Apart from that the CAHWs do also give awareness to the communities on how to keep their animals healthily.

FAO donated three solar refrigerators in Terekeka, Tali and Bor; the solar refrigerators will help the CAHWs to run the campaign smoothly since most of the medicine needs to be stored in refrigerators.

This campaign aims at reducing transmission of the diseases to improve health of the animals which many people rely on as their only source of living. In order to continue increasing the effort to vaccinate and treat livestock partners should join hands in training CAHWs (Community Animal Health Workers).
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