Strategic Objectives

South Sudan continues to face a severe protracted protection crisis due to prolonged ongoing crisis and in this project SAADO is providing protection support with a specific focus on implementing specialized GBV and Child Protection (CP) activities. In this  intervention, SAADO is promoting resilience, supporting existing coping strategies, preventing and responding to separations, violence and violations against girls and boys affected by the crisis through the provision of ongoing comprehensive and specialized case management support to Children with heightened risks of abuse, exploitation, neglect, children associated with armed groups and separation from their families in Malakal County, Upper Nile State


  • To provide vulnerable and affected people with specialized protection services, strengthen community-based CP structures
  • To increase awareness on protection risks and prevention, and to build the capacity of relevant local authorities to deliver quality protection services


  • SAADO has so far conducted a training for teachers, PTA, SMCs on GBV prevention and mitigation as well as the Code of Conduct and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and abuse and training was attended by 87 participants (23 females and 64 males).
  • SAADO has also identified 9 schools where youth clubs will be established in consultation with community leaders.
  • SAADO has also been conducting bi-weekly positive parenting meetings with adolescent girl mothers in Malakal town where FGDs are conducted to understand the impact of the sessions.
  • SAADO has also been conducting mass awareness raising sessions in Malakal town and POC through posters, banners and t-shirts.
  • SAADO has also been doing COVID-19 awareness in Malakal town to sensitize people on best practices and mitigation practices through loudspeaker.
  • SAADO has also set up community structures to monitor child rights violation and provide support to vulnerable children and families in line with set standards and community action plans
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