Strategic Objectives

Since 2018, SAADO has been implementing different activities, including FFA, in Terekeka County. So far, there have been incremental stories of success in terms of making communities adapt to the concept of resilience building through food for assets. Our monitoring reports show a great improvement in terms of acreage scales and harvest size. SAADO  uses information from both IPC and IRNA to target vulnerable houses in nearby locations and within scope of current WFP interventions to allow intra-learning among the communities. Currently, SAADO has a field office in Terekeka responsible for the delivery of WFP supported FFA, SM & GFD interventions. SAADO leverages shared organizational support functions across the projects to deliver the much-needed value for money. Our ongoing presence has strengthened SAADO’s experience and interaction with the local farmers and authorities, an asset that the proposed project will build on. 

Over the last two years alone, SAADO has successfully implemented FFA projects in the targeted location and with this experience and key learnings, SAADO scales up the acreage during the implementation of this project from the 236 feddans in 2018; 1500 feddans in 2019. SAADO has a large social capital in the area with cordial relationships with the local authorities, opinion leaders, and the organization also enjoys large acceptance in the area having run several projects with high community participation in the same county. The County is highly fertile and ripe for agricultural production and with this appropriate response, the situation can be improved and lives can be saved. The basic needs for the farmers in this community are farm implements and inputs such as seeds. Knowledge on modern agronomic practices is also a gap area and will be addressed through training in this action especially during establishment of block farms and establishment of kitchen vegetable gardens. The proposed intervention will contribute to WFP’s ICSP SO3 stated objective of providing livelihood support and building resilience of rural households.

Project Objectives 

  1. Restoration of productive capacity of arable land to mitigate short term hunger gaps for 9000 vulnerable community members through provision of food for assets in Terekeka County by 2020
  2. Provision of food assistance to improve the immediate household food security for 9000 affected population during the stress period by December 2020.
  3. Construction of community infrastructure to support small holder farmers’ production, aggregation and marketing capacities in Terekeka County by December 2020.
  4. Restoration of degraded environment through agroforestry activities and environmental awareness creation to 9000 vulnerable community members by December 2020.

Cross-Cutting Issues

Integration of cross-cutting issues will involve consideration and mainstreaming of the following in all aspects of SAADO’s programming:

  1. Disability mainstreaming
  3. Environment
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