Strategic Objectives

Building Resilience Through Asset Creation and Empowerment (BRACE II) project supports conditional cash interventions termed as ‘Food for Work/Assets’ or ‘Cash for Work/Assets’ in which vulnerable households receive cash in return for work on livelihoods/productive assets that improves their resilience against climate shocks and food insecurity. This approach has three benefits: the food assistance provided during the lean season immediately relieves food insecure targeted households while the creation or rehabilitation of assets makes community less vulnerable to climate shocks and helps in improving food production and accessibility in ways that are more adaptable to climate extremes, and or blockades. Assets that can generate a positive effect on food security, nutritional status, gender equality, or in improving better community relations and cohesion so that natural resources are used peacefully and in ways that benefit the while community with targeted 4,618 Households

BRACE II Project is currently on going in Aweil North County – Northern Bahr El Ghazal State    


´ A net total of 4691 feddans (70X60m) were planted by 4618 HHs in 14 locations/Bomas.

´ A total of $750,003 in Cash Transfers carried out with 100% coverage benefiting direct and indirect beneficiaries of 16,813 people out of 4,618 HHs.

´ All 4618 HHs received improved seeds, tools and have access to equipment.

´ Trained 92 Lead Farmers on Crop Production Farmer and Extension and  Ox-ploughing, Agricultural Marketing, Agro Dealership and development of Farmer Field Schools;

´ Trained 547 selected HHs beneficiaries on improved and Diversified Agricultural Production;

´ Trained 264 selected HHs beneficiaries on Humanitarian Accountability and Complaint Reporting Mechanism, Risk Reduction and Disaster Management;

´ Trained 316 selected beneficiaries on Good (Best) Agricultural Practices –  GAP;

´ Trained 312 selected beneficiaries on Agriculture and Agricultural Awareness,



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