Strategic Objectives

Ministry of Health declared the outbreak of cholera on May 2016, national cholera taskforce together with other humanitarian actors were mandated to initiate concrete interventions for cholera prevention and control. SAADO through its community engagement policy made a research to assess areas that are most likely to be affected by cholera virus, Swift Mobile Response Team (SMART) and SAADO Health Team (SHT) came up with a report and a guide that can help SAADO prevent further spread of cholera around Juba.

SAADO health team concluded that as other actors are working tirelessly to treat cholera cases; SAADO will also work untiringly to prevent its spread. As we know prevention is better and cheaper than cure. Areas that were deemed favorable to cholera virus were: Shirkat, Konyokonyo, Juba Town, Munuki, Checkpoint and Gudele. The keep Juba Clean campaign was launched by SAADO and it kicks off at Shirkat, where general cleaning and awareness campaign was conducted. Feedback mechanism was also used by SAADO’s health team; the residents of Shirkat were given a chance to tell us how they think cholera can be prevented in their area and what they know about disease. This feedback mechanism was fruitful and helps SAADO heath team to make well informed decisions to prevent spread of cholera. 


The community members voiced their concern about lack of garbage truck allocated to their area which hinders their effort to keep their environment clean; this complain was later presented to city mayor’s office by SAADO’s health team who are still following up with the Mayor’s office to make sure a garbage truck is allocated to Shirkat. We were also assured by the community members that they are willing to pay the charges of garbage collection to city council; this helped our team to follow up with the truck provision to Shirkat. 

In order to follow up day to day hygiene issues at Shirkat SAADO formed a committee of health supervisors comprising of community elders and SAADO health team members who will make sure that Shirkat is clean to avoid the spread of cholera. Cholera have been a seasonal disease in South Sudan, claiming lives every year hence taking preventive measures can help reduce the death rate. 


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