Strategic Objectives

Community engagement in fighting gender based violence within the community in Awerial-Lake State is seen as a step toward achieving gender based violence free society. 2016 have turned out as a year of success as far as GBV is concern, communities have understood the importance of equal education for both boys and girls, and they have also admitted that girl’s needs education not marriage which was their hard lining point. However, much work needs to be done to make sure that GBV is not tolerated in the community; this will only be achieved through training of different community structures like we did last year. Last year male champions who comprised of 40 males were trained on what gender based violence is, its negative impacts, how to educate people on GBV, how to stand tall against it and it psychosocial impacts in the community. Male champions were trained as ambassadors of GBV eradication in Awerial-Lake State; they have been staging dramas, plays, door to door awareness and talk shows on mingkaman FM.

However, Community Based Protection Network (CBPN) members were also trained on how to work with the victims, service givers and authorities to see that victims are handled properly and given special care in order to recover from their abuses. The county administrators, police and church leaders were also trained on how to identify GBV related cases and how to solve them. These strategies have worked very well in Awerial, the communities become responsible and in most cases are able to identify GBV related cases and solve them amicably. 

Many elders took their daughters back to school after receiving the training on equal education opportunities between boys and girls. Simon Ayuong, a police officer took his daughter back to school after attending the training on GBV. Gender based violence is a major issue within the communities in South Sudan, most victims suffer in silence and even the communities are not aware of the suffering they inflicted on their own sons and daughters. Therefore, awareness to the communities about the dangers of GBV is a very important move against it. When the community is well informed the cases of GBV keeps reducing hence more training should be carried out among the communities in South Sudan.    


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