Strategic Objectives

Protection of civilian sites both in Juba and Bor were facing a lot of challenges regarding consumption of their food. Cereal given to the IDPS cannot be consumed without being milled and since most of the IDPs fear leaving the POCs in search of milling machines to grind their cereal for easy consumption. They normally end up unable to consume their ratio, and in that case SAADO in partnership with WFP decided to explore ways of making their food consumable within the POC.

SAADO contracted businessmen who were willing to station their milling machines inside the protection of civilian sites, in order to ease milling of the cereal for IDPs. This also reduced the risk of moving out of the POC looking for a milling machine.

SAADO started issuing milling vouchers to IDPs during distribution; the vouchers are later presented to the milling machine operators who in turn grind their food after collecting vouchers, the owners of the milling machines submit the vouchers to SAADO’s office where they are redeemed. Each voucher is equivalent to 25 SSP; hence after redeeming the owners of the milling machines would confirm and sign for the payment.

This process has helped the IDPs living in the POCs who have no source of income to be able to get their food milled for free. However, it has also reduced the risk of moving out of the POC looking for a place to mill their food; it has also helped reducing malnutrition among the children living in the POCs.

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