Strategic Objectives

In partnership with Handicap International(HI) SAADO is implementing a  project which seeks to strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders to mainstream disability into their food security and livelihood programmes and improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities by contributing to the effective realization of their rights and by improving equitable and equal access to services especially the general food distribution & the blanket supplementary feeding programme in Bor county with selected payams of Bor town, Anyidi and Kolyang. 

The project has targeted households with disabled individuals and supports them in accessing distribution points, boosting production and performance and increasing market access. It is also supporting them in building their capacities through access to new skills and technologies, diversified production, networking opportunities and market linkages. This will contribute to an inclusive and equal community through the increased access for the disabled to livelihood opportunities, improved food and nutritional security thereby justifying the need for this project.

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