Strategic Objectives

These projects were targeted to vulnerable women and girls in Awerial, Mingkaman and it involves providing emergency GBV prevention and response services. The project involved the recruitment of male champions and community based protection networks which provide referral services for abuses to the authorities and service givers. The project also involved the construction of women friendly centers where women and girls could freely interact and learn new skills like knitting, weaving and cooking. The project is funded by United Nations Fund for Population Agency and is ongoing with reduced funding. The project had stalled awaiting the outcome of the audit report from UNFPA.

GBV-protection-distribution of dignity kits

This project was targeted to benefit the vulnerable women and girls in Bor and Mingkaman who lack these essential services and basic hygiene and dignity kits. The dignity kits provided by Saado included basic hygiene materials like soap, sanitary towels, washing towels and disposal packages. This project is waiting for release of budget funds from UNFPA to continue.

SRH and SGBV programme

SAADO has been operating and implementing the programme activities in Jonglei State (Bor County) and Lakes State (Awerial, Mingkaman) through UNFPA funding. Gender-Based Violence in South Sudan has remained complex due to the ingrained societal norms and cultures which has proved quite a challenge in taking critical step towards shifting people’s attitudes and behaviors to be more inclusive, open-minded and inclusive to justice for the GBV survivors.

In monitoring the progress of in the reduction of SGBV, the project officers in the field have been presenting their finding to the GBV sub-cluster on a weekly basis and also reporting to the national country office in order to address the gaps, constraints and challenges.


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