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SAADO's executive director Elijah Manyok Jok received France ambassador Jean-Yves Roux at SAADO's office to discuss ways forward on how the embassy can partner with SAADO to increase access to livelihood options and economic empowerment for women ; ambassador reiterated that women need to be empowered economically in order to improve the lives of communities and eradicate poverty, "we applaud SAADO's effort to empower women both financial and technically and we are therefore supporting them to realize a dream of seeing poverty free society led by women", he added.


SAADO's executive director Elijah Manyok Jok signed a cooperation's document with the ambassador there after, the document highlights the commitment towards supporting women in order to access livelihood options and empower them by giving out start-up capital for their small business. SAADO with a support from the France embassy will also help train women with entrepreneurial knowledge so that they can be able to run their businesses successfully.


Elijah Manyok thanks the ambassador for his visit to SAADO's office, adding that women economic empowerment was identified as one way of eradicating poverty in South Sudan hence supporting women financially and technically contributes towards achieving a poverty free society. Most of the women are left with a burden of putting food on the table, either because they lost their husbands during the conflict or circumstances encouraged by cultural norms or ignorance left them with no choice but to work day and night to feed and dress up their kids, he added.


Last year SAADO held an entrepreneurial workshop for 40 women who are running small businesses around Juba, after the training they were given small loans to support their businesses under the supervision of SAADO's women economic empowerment officer. The officer kept an eye on their businesses and visit their business sites to lend them technical advises and support where needed. Those women's businesses grew and they appreciate the knowledge given to them by SAADO that helped them on how to run their small business and make profit to carter for their children's school fees, medical fees and food.  


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