Strategic Objectives

Ministry of health declared cholera outbreak in May, with 30 cases reportedly being handled by Juba Teaching Hospital and one death case reported. SAADO is launching the campaign to create awareness, sensitize people on how to keep their environment clean and carrying out general cleaning. This initiative is being spearheaded by SAADO’s Swift Mobile And Response Team (SMART). The team is working to identify most areas that need urgent general cleaning.The keep Juba clean campaign will kick off next week on 30th July 2016; the SMART team met and decided design and touches base on how the campaign will achieve its objectives. However, there are reports from the SMART team that Shirkat (Industrial area) is seen as one area that needs cleaning; this is due to the overcrowding nature of the place which was sparked off by the fleeing of Munuki, Gudele and custom residents to Shirkat while trying to escape conflict.The campaign will target hotels, whereby SAADO’s WASH experts will supervise the hotels and their surroundings, talk to the owners of the hotels and then clean the area. It will also target the streets since we have seen many residents throwing garbage on the road side. This campaign is meant to prevent the outbreak of cholera in Juba. 


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