Strategic Objectives

Communities given a leading role to prevent cholera escalation


Upon announcing the outbreak of cholera in May by the national ministry of health, humanitarian organizations drummed up emergency respond in order to stop the deadly disease from escalating. SAADO’s SMART (Swift Mobile And Respond Team) and health teams designed a response mechanism to help prevent the spread of cholera in Juba. Cholera has become a seasonal threat to the people of South Sudan, and fighting it includes designing a long term sustainable plan that can reduce the risk of its spreading.

Emergency respond tackles the disease but do not set the prevention mechanisms in place in order to avoid further outbreak whether immediately or in the nearest future. SAADO’s health team looked at how to eradicate the disease and immediately set the policies of prevention in place to avoid further outbreaks that cost a lot of lives. In this case, prevention is preferred than cure, since prevention is cheaper and manageable than cure which cost lives and money.

To achieve the policies of prevention, communities are given a pivotal role to play in order to prevent cholera every year. SAADO keep Juba clean campaign was launched, this campaign involves community awareness and practical general cleaning that started in Shirkat. Communities were empowered with knowledge and skills premeditated to prevent the outbreak of cholera and SAADO’s health team keeps in touch with the community leadership to see that the knowledge and skills acquired are put in practice.

Holding community accountable for their health is an important move towards preventing further outbreak of cholera in South Sudan. Disseminating information to the community in form of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials played a great role in making the community to understand quickly.


Since the outbreak of cholera in May till now, Juba is still not declared cholera free and this calls for immediate action from the humanitarian actors to joint efforts in order not only to treat the cases but to also educate the communities on how to keep their environments clean in order to avoid cholera.

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