Strategic Objectives

Group photo after the launch of the SAADO strategic plan
Food For Education
SAADO distributes food to 51 schools in South Sudan
SAADO's Swift Mobile Action Response Team (SMART)
We are ready to respond in any situation
Food Security and Livelihoods
SAADO trained community vets de-worming cattle
YES Women can!
With seed money& training from SAADO, Gisima has grown her saloon business and is now employing four workers!
Milling voucher program
SAADO issuing milling vouchers to the IDPs in order to make their cereal ready for consumption

Who We Are

SAADO - Smile Again Africa Development Organization is a national non-profit humanitarian and development organization dedicated to working with the youth and their communities to reach their full potential. Founded in 2011, SAADO works across all the states of South Sudan promoting social cohesion and empowering communities to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

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It's amazing how much can be achieved with a small amount of money from you to the beneficiaries. Your help will make a real difference to people's lives in the areas we work in and help eradicate the causes and effects of poverty. Donate Now


Critical information pilot Message Library ready for use in emergencies
Smile Again Africa Development Organization has developed a pilot key Message Library; a searchable message database that can be used as a point of reference by those intending to disseminate...
SAADO expands the Food for Education program to Central Equatoria
With support from the World Food Program, Smile Again Africa Development Organization has expanded the food for education program to tackle low enrollment, attendance, retention and poor performance of primary-school...
How we have empowered people living with disability in Jonglei
Handicap International reports that there could be more than 1.2 million South Sudanese living with disability, mostly as a result of aggression between armed actors in the present conflict; 25,000...

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In conflict there are always forgotten heroes, men and women who work hard for the good of others. Such is the case with 37 year old Philip. Being an internally displaced person has not person, Phillip has not let that stop his desire to earn a living and provide for his family through hard work and passion towards what he does.

The father of three works as a miller at one of the milling machines which are contracted by SAADO to provide milling services to residents of the POCs in Juba. The program has not only made milling easier and safer for the IDPs but has also created employment to other POC residents like Phillip, who used to be a pale shadow not knowing how he would provide for his family. “I can now provide food on the table for my wife and two daughters said a beaming Phillip.

“My dream however is for this war to end so that I can go back to my homestead and open my own milling business using the experienced I have gathered here” he added. Philip has not only become a hero to his family but also to the community in the POC who greatly value his services.

“It’s because of people like Philip who work in the mills that we no-longer have to walk long distances out of the POC to get milling services” said Marian one of the beneficiaries of the SAADO milling voucher program.


The SAADO milling voucher program reaches to over 20 000 people in the POCs however recent statistics have shown that a total of 217, 969 people are seeking protection in POCs around South Sudan.

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The Milling Voucher program has ensured our safety, we used to go out of the POC to mill our cereals but now we can just do it within the POC which is secure

~ Kitale-South Sudan

I used to just do business without any planning, but following business skills training from SAADO my business has grown

~ Gisima - South Sudan

After receiving a training from SAADO on GBV and equal rights to education for boys and girls. I decided to take my seven year old daughter back to school.

~Simon Ayuon-Lake State (Mingkaman)


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