Strategic Objectives

Group photo after the launch of the SAADO strategic plan
Food For Education
SAADO distributes food to 51 schools in South Sudan
SAADO's Swift Mobile Action Response Team (SMART)
We are ready to respond in any situation
Food Security and Livelihoods
SAADO trained community vets de-worming cattle
YES Women can!
With seed money& training from SAADO, Gisima has grown her saloon business and is now employing four workers!
Milling voucher program
SAADO issuing milling vouchers to the IDPs in order to make their cereal ready for consumption

Who We Are

SAADO - Smile Again Africa Development Organization is a national non-profit humanitarian and development organization dedicated to working with the youth and their communities to reach their full potential. Founded in 2011, SAADO works across all the states of South Sudan promoting social cohesion and empowering communities to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

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It's amazing how much can be achieved with a small amount of money from you to the beneficiaries. Your help will make a real difference to people's lives in the areas we work in and help eradicate the causes and effects of poverty. Donate Now


Critical information pilot Message Library ready for use in emergencies
Smile Again Africa Development Organization has developed a pilot key Message Library; a searchable message database that can be used as a point of reference by those intending to disseminate...
SAADO expands the Food for Education program to Central Equatoria
With support from the World Food Program, Smile Again Africa Development Organization has expanded the food for education program to tackle low enrollment, attendance, retention and poor performance of primary-school...
How we have empowered people living with disability in Jonglei
Handicap International reports that there could be more than 1.2 million South Sudanese living with disability, mostly as a result of aggression between armed actors in the present conflict; 25,000...

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Chiefs during the peace dialogue

SAADO in partnership with Catholic Relief Service held a peace dialogue between the pastoralists of Abuyung and Malek in Lake State; these two communities who lives as neighbors and share the same pasture and water during dry season, were having pastoralist’s conflict that was caused by pasture and water. This conflict hindered the movement of pastoralists from Abuyung to Malek, and since Malek is stationed along the Nile where water and pasture is in abundant, the people from Abuyung are forced to take their cattle for grazing but since they have no good relations with Malek community they are obstructed from accessing pasture.  This leads to a very big conflict that cause loss of lives; the two communities became hostile to each other and are not able to share the natural resources among themselves.


In an effort to reconcile and encourage the two communities to live in peace and share resources, SAADO in partnership with CRS organized the peace dialogue. The commissioners, Payam administrators, women representatives, cattle camp youth leaders, church members, paramount chiefs and other stakeholders were invited. Majok Adut who is the paramount chief for Abuyung reiterated, “Stakeholders should organize a conference on how to share resources for all the paramount chiefs and chiefs from both Abuyung and Malek communities; adding that this will help us understand the importance of living peacefully”.

During peace dialogue event, cattle camp youth leaders accused the county police of releasing culprits arrested for crimes committed, this ignites violence they added. They call for maintenance of law and order in the county in order to avoid breaching of law; most of the conflicts within the community are caused by cattle stealing.  Youth also admitted that, “DUEL” which is a traditional practice that encourage youth of the same age-set to contribute bulls and consume them while hosted in one place for a month or so is one of the reasons why cannot stealing is rampant. This practice tempted youth to steal bulls and consume them, when the owners of the stolen bulls get to know; it leads to a fight which later culminate to a community conflict.


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The Milling Voucher program has ensured our safety, we used to go out of the POC to mill our cereals but now we can just do it within the POC which is secure

~ Kitale-South Sudan

I used to just do business without any planning, but following business skills training from SAADO my business has grown

~ Gisima - South Sudan

After receiving a training from SAADO on GBV and equal rights to education for boys and girls. I decided to take my seven year old daughter back to school.

~Simon Ayuon-Lake State (Mingkaman)


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